Radnor Band To The Edge



Radnor at Northwich Folk Club.

Recently the Northwich Folk Club had as their guests Radnor, a Manchester/Cheshire based folk band with their show Legends of the Edge; a show featuring songs and legends from Alderley Edge in Cheshire and the surrounding area. All songs and music, apart from one, The Nutting Girl, were penned by band member Joe Beard who plays guitar and vocals. Other band members include Rosa Sheard on lead vocals, Sean Brennan on violin, Andy Stark on keyboards and holding all the legends, songs and stories together with a wonderful narration is Mike Billington who also plays woodwind, bowed psaltry and percussion.

I had been looking forward to this evening for some time and I can assure you that I was not disappointed. Quite a few of the stories and legends I knew from local folklore but to have them all brought together in this show was brilliant. For me Radnor created a superb atmosphere and transported one back in time to days gone by, full of tales of knights, wizards, lovers and trysts all set to wonderful music.

Please go and see this show if you get the chance....A BRILLIANT (k)night!!!

Iain Bowley. (Northwich Folk Club)

Radnor at The Midway, Stockport.

Great night last night with Radnor doing "Legends of The Edge"....almost nostalgic in a way.

Taking The Purple

"I really think that Granny is one of the all time great records". (John Peel 1968)

"I produced it (Granny Takes a Trip) the same week as Pink Floyd's Arnold Layne - one night later: the two seemed part of the same world then. The London scene was greatly enriched that summer of 1967 by their contribution". (Joe Boyd talking in 1997 about the Purple Gang,)

"A song with a dubious title designed to corrupt the nation's youth - and a band that boasts a warlock for a singer will not be tolerated by any decent society". (BBC Controller talking in the Spring of 1967)

"What great memories.....what great detail....." (Annie NightingaleBBC DJ)

"What a testimony to tenacity and talent. I enjoyed every minute of this book." (Trevor Hyett Granada TV Presenter.)